Great honors and great reviews...coast to coast.

"Thank you for ensuring that I have a happy customer! This form of customer service is so rare in our industry. I will never buy my towels from any other supplier! (no matter what the price)."
- JM, Ohio

"I really appreciate your effort to come through for us and ultimately make the client happy. This is our first order with this client and we really needed to make it as close to flawless as possible. Other suppliers may not have stepped up, so I am glad we went with Towel Specialties. Your art department deserves an "Above and Beyond" award in my book, as well."
- CD, Oregon

"It's no wonder Towel Specialties has received distributor recognition so many years in a row!"
- BC, Georgia

"We just did a project with you Towel Specialties and the customer service rep followed every step and covered every base in a very professional manner and she was very enjoyable to work the project. I hope she will be recognized for doing a great job because I guarantee that you would hear about it if there was a problem. She is great and no she is not my daughter!"
- BV, Missouri

"My customer came to my office a couple of hours ago to pick up [an order] and told me that the towels look “100%” better than he could have imagined. My customer is very pleased and I am as well. Thank you “Towel Specialties” for a job well done. Please extend my thanks to your entire team."
- JS, Georgia

"I will always come to you guys first for anything I can!! Service, turnaround and QUALITY are far superior to your closest competition. I'll also be giving Towel Specialties high praise on DistributorTalk.com. Thanks again!!"
- GL, New Jersey

"Thank you very much. I promise you every towel order moving forward. Period."
- NN, Florida

"Thank you so much. You came through for me!! You guys are great and we are going to put in another order. You rock!!"
- DP, California

"I am writing to you today to let you know of the great customer service I received from Jennifer M. I received an almost impossible in-hands date from my customer today. I called Jennifer and she went to bat for me with your production department and managed to get approval on the rush to get my job through delivered on time. . .This is in fact the first sales order I have logged in my new role as an Account Executive. Her willingness to help me will not be forgotten."
- EM, Wisconsin

"The buyers loved their gifts...and were very happy with the feedback, and I am thrilled with the responsiveness, accommodations and attitude of a great staff at Towel Specialties. The personal attention and sincere desire to please made working with Towel Specialties a pleasure."
- WG, Florida

"It is in relationships that this industry thrives. I thank you all for your hard work and look forward to our continuing success."
- RK, California

"You are without question, 'amazing'. Your customer service is a model that all vendors should have. Thank you."
- RM, Minnesota

"You are Extraordinarily Wonderful, and Most of all Gratefully Appreciated."
- JG, Missouri

"You are one of my favorite suppliers. You ALWAYS support me well and I appreciate it."
- BK, Texas

"We know how great a job you do, but it's nice to know others recognize it as well. Congrats to the whole team at Towel Specialties. We are happy to be your partners in promotion."
- GH, Texas

"You guys are awesome to work with."
- PG, Georgia

"Thanks to all of you folks for a great job and a great product. "
- SS, Mississippi

"You guys are the best!!"
- BN, Pennsylvania

11 ASI Counselor Distributor Choice Awards.

13 SGIA Golden Image Awards.

2 PPAI Golden Achievement Awards.

ASI Spirit Award.



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