Decoration Options

Look below or at this quick video to learn more about our decorating options.


  Technique Best Suited For:
ct20 white flat Screenprint 

Large, bold images - especially multi-color decorating on white towels. 

Applied to towels, bags and some blankets.

ct20 orange flat Tone on Tone

Colored towels.  Depending on Tone on Tone, can provide subtle, 'etched' look or bold appearance.

Applied to towels and specific blankets.  Watch video to learn more.



CF flat 3

CF flat 2



Unlimited colors and edge to edge decorating.  Great for 4 color process, designs with a lot of spot colors, white copy/logos on a colored background, or any conceivable combination of colors.  Ships domestically in 10-15 days. Edge to edge applied to specific blanket, beach, fitness and golf towel styles.

tropicana embroidery Embroidery

An elegant, more subtle look for single or multiple colored logos.

Applied to towels, bags, blankets and robes.

laser patch Laser Patch  Without spending any more than embroidery, suede laser patchs give a first class impression. Patches are always 3 3/4" x 1 3/4" with a black logo in a rectangular border.  

CF flat 1cfr


Custom Fiber Reactive

Unlimited colors and edge to edge decorating.  Import program, may take 90-120 days.

Applied to towels.





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