A fun guide to show who is using our beach towels - and how.  Watch the video and scroll down for more information.  

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Company Picnics

Company picnics are the Number One use for beach towels because they're fun and practical. Whether your company is near water or not, beach towels are a must-have item for any company picnic. Why? Because they're a unisex product and you don't have to worry about sizing. And the beach towel you hand out at your corporate event this season will probably last for 15 more years. Plus....they protect the picnic attendees from ants!

Corporate Travel Events

You know that your company has an event planned in an exotic location. You know that you want to build unity among the attendees. Why not 'wow' everyone with a beach towel? Whether they're presented at check in, on the pillow, or by the pool, beach towels will have great impact and be used for many years after your event. And you can always throw in a mixture of towel colors to heighten the impact.

Financial Institutions

Credit card companies, banks, and credit card unions are just a few of the types of companies that build their brands with beach towels. In numerous cases, beach towels are used as an incentive to sign up or open a new account, but they are also used to build brand recognition at various events, too. Don't forget -- you can mix and match colors, too.

Educational Institutions

Schools and colleges are, by far, one of the biggest users of beach towels.Whether they are orientation gifts for incoming freshmen or incentives for alumni donations, beach towels are a great way for recipients to 'be true to their school'. For graduation gifts, make sure to see our Signature Towel.

Real Estate Firms

In the highly competitive real estate industry -- especially for properties by the water or with swimming pools -- beach towels are a very effective tool for firms to get their name out to the public. These 'walking billboards' make great house-warming gifts at closing or 'thank-you' gifts for a referral. And you can always throw in a mixture of towel colors to heighten the impact.

Beverage and Food Companies

Beach towels are a long time favorite for manufacturers of beer, wine, soda, water, and anything else you can drink or eat. Why? Many of these companies have summer beach or pool events and love the 'walking billboard' effect of their logo printed on a full size towel.


When it comes to building their brand, companies in the hospitality industry are big beach towel users. For example, hotels with meeting facilities frequently give a beach towel as a "thank you" gift to corporate event planners for choosing their property. Or, various resorts give a beach towel to the customers that show loyalty and stay there often.

Dentists and Physicians

To build name recognition in a community, dentists put their name and information about their practice on beach towels. The towels are typically given to either new patients, long-standing patients, or to patients that provide referrals. The same holds true for physicians (plastic surgeons, pediatrics, etc.) who know the power of having their name out there on a walking billboard.

Healthcare Providers

Nurse's Week, employee birthdays or anniversaries, company picnics, and holiday gifts are just a few ways that hospitals and surgery centers use beach towels during the entire year. Why? Because everyone loves getting a beach towel. Plus, beach towels are easy to distribute because they are a co-ed gift with no size requirements.

Walkathons and Marathons

Beach towels are found everywhere between check-in and the finish line at half or full marathons, walkathons and other fundraising events. Why? Because the visual and promotional impact of hundreds or thousands of towels at these events is unmatched for any organization seeking brand recognition. And you can always throw in a mixture of towel colors to heighten the impact.

Fund Raisers

For years, t-shirts and hats were staple product for fund raising events. But, with its billboard size imprint area, beach towels have become the fun, "go-to" product for swimathons, walkathons, and marathons. In fact, organizations looking for an appealing gift in return for donations are rapidly turning to beach towels. Why? Because towels are unisex, one size fits all, and nearly certain to last for about 15 years on average.

Family Reunions

With so many family reunions occuring during warm weather seasons, beach towels are the perfect hand out. The extra large imprint area allows families to be creative with family trees or lists of family members. And, the infants at this year's reunion very well may have their beach towel when they start college, too!

Public Utilities

Companies that supply electricity, gas, water, or sewerage services are known to build awareness and fuel their branding with beach towels. As part of the public trust, it is important for them to build name recognition so the community knows where to turn when they need service. Beach towels are a great way for them to get their logo seen for years to come.